Safe online dating

Check anyone for free by photo, telegram or phone to see if they are real, a scam or leave a positive review. Don't waste your time on fake profiles.
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With the help of machine-learning neural networks, the service allows you to check or leave information about a social media user as well as about absolutely anyone.
Upload a photo or other contact details of the person (phone, email, telegram).

What can CheckMy.Love do?

Find out if the person you are talking to is real
Check for fraud
Add information about a dubious person (scamming for money, wants to eat at other people's expense)
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5 tips for uploading photos

Don't upload photos where the person is far away and the face is hard to see
Do not upload photos with your face covered by a mask or anything else
Don't upload photos with your head turned, try to choose as straight a photo as possible
Do not upload photos with two or more people
Do not upload photos with half or part of your face
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Any ideas?

Every day we try to improve our project and look for new ways to use it. If you have wishes - you can write them, we are grateful to any suggestions!

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Our project is actively developing and we are expanding the geography of users. If you can be useful in the development - we will be glad to accept you in our team or offer cooperation.

Contribute to the project development

If you've had a bad experience with a fake or scammer online - contribute a description on this person, maybe your review will help someone to protect themselves!
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The project is made for non-commercial purposes by a group of enthusiasts who try to make this world a little better and protect Internet users from dubious online dating. If you like our project and want to help in its development, you can support us financially with any amount.
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